How it Works
Leaders in debt collections


Let us take care of your debtors, so you can focus on your business!

What our clients say...

Our Services

  • Retail Accounts

  • Credit Cards

  • Short Term Loans

  • School Fees (Arrears)

  • Doctors Accounts (Arrears)

  • Rent (Arrears)

  • Purchasing of bad debt

We Will

  • Trace the debtor

  • Telephonic and written legal demand

  • Drafting and issuing of summons

  • Obtaining a garnishee order

  • Obtaining a warrant of execution

Our Fees

Commission on successful collections is negotiated and depends on factors such as; age of account, volume of accounts and total amount owed.

Our Office

Room 100
Old Nedbank Building
101 York Street
Tel: (044) 050 3252

21 Diaz Office Park
1 Beach Boulevart West
Mossel bay
Tel: (044) 050 3294

Office G13 - Regus Clearwater
Clearwater Office Park - Building 3
Ground Floor - 1 Millenium Road
Tel: (010) 007 5083

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