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Contingency Collection Service
VI Debt Recovery contingency debt collection service allows you to submit accounts at no cost. VI Debt Recovery will introduce a competitive contingency fee and provide collection services until the account is resolved.

Locate Lost Customers
At Professional Finance Company, every effort is made to find your customers and locate their assets. Internal skip-tracing techniques are systematically executed for every account.

Debt Collection Strategy
Our objective on every contact with your customer is to resolve the account. This often results in payment in full. In our first contact we assess your customer’s financial condition and determine the feasibility of an immediate payoff. For debtors that are unable to pay accounts in full, VI Debt Recovery will arrange a temporary payment plan.

We Listen First
Our debt collectors are trained to be effective listeners as it is essential to gathering the information needed to evaluate the customer’s situation. By documenting information effectively, our recovery specialists can determine the best course of action in current and future collection efforts.

Gaining Customers’ Confidence
An important factor in resolving debt quickly is to get customers on our side. Collectors accomplish this by treating your customers with dignity and respect. Positive communication with your customers will help them understand it is in their best interest to resolve their account.

Let us take care of your debtors, so you can focus on your business!

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Our Services

  • Retail Accounts

  • Credit Cards

  • Short Term Loans

  • School Fees (Arrears)

  • Doctors Accounts (Arrears)

  • Rent (Arrears)

  • Purchasing of bad debt

We Will

  • Trace the debtor

  • Telephonic and written legal demand

  • Drafting and issuing of summons

  • Obtaining a garnishee order

  • Obtaining a warrant of execution

Our Fees

Commission on successful collections is negotiated and depends on factors such as; age of account, volume of accounts and total amount owed.

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